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, and we thought our jokes were bad
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, down the rabbit hole
Once upon a time, the world was given a choice: the red pill, or the blue pill. Unfortunately for you, you've gone and swallowed both. The result? Welcome to beginattheend, a graphics community run by two humble fangirls trying to make their name in the world. Inside, you will find graphics made by none other than sparkled_pink & imagines. There are numerous fandoms found here, as the best friends are involved in many of those. From time to time, there are such things as headers or fanmixes, but they never seem to disappoint. To be a part of this community, you must join. You will be approved shortly. But as you join, you are to follow strict instructions: you are not to steal their work, you are not to bash their creations, and you are NOT to hotlink. They have worked hard for the population, and doing any of the three will result in problems.

Enjoy your stay, and do try and feed your head.

Stylesheet by refuted

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